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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthCAAT

Research Grants 1994-1995

Summary Of Research Grants

  • Guillermina Almazan
    Oligodendrocyte Cultures to Evaluate Neurotoxicants and Their Mechanisms of Action
  • Joseph Bressler, PhD
    An In Vitro Model for Neurotoxicity
  • Craig A. Elmets, MD
    Cytokine Gene Expression and Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  • Anthony A. Gaspari, MD
    Epidermal Cell Expression of Co-Stimulatory Activity in the Induction of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  • Raj. S. Mitra, PhD
    Role of Keratinocytes in Cutaneous Inflammation/Immunity
  • Margaret B. Penno, PhD
    Standardization and Simplification of an In Vitro Assay to Screen the Efficacy of Anti-Metastatic Agents
  • Thomas E. Phillips, PhD
    Use of a Human Derived, Mucus-Secreting Goblet Cell Line to Screen Irritants
  • Herbert S. Rosenkranz, PhD
    Structural Basis for Developmental and Systemic Toxicity
  • Norman F. Sheppard, Jr., PhD
    Intelligent Culture Dishes for Toxicity Testing
  • Thomas R. Sutter, PhD
    Development of an In Vitro Model for Human Response to Dioxin
  • Mary L. Taub, PhD
    The Development of Immortalized Rabbit Kidney Proximal Tubule Cell Culture Systems in Serum Free Medium
  • Michael A. Trush, PhD
    Biochemical Characterization of ML-1 Cell Differentiation for Toxicological Studies
  • Daniel A. Ward, D.V.M., PhD
    In Vitro Model of the Blood-Ocular Barriers as an Aid in Oculotoxicity Testing
  • James A. Weyhenmeyer, PhD
    The Development and Characterization of an In Vitro Model for Isolating Pluripotent Stem Cells from Mammalian Brain
  • Marsha Wills-Karp, PhD
    Role of Epithelium-Derived Cytokines in Oxidant-Induced Inflammation
  • Xiao-Ying Yu, MD
    Bronchial Epithelial Cells in Culture: Adaptive Mechanisms in Response to Repeated Ozone Exposure