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CAAT Awards

Charles River Laboratories' Excellence in Refinement Award

Since 2005 Charles River, in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University's Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), has proudly sponsored the Charles River Excellence in Refinement Award. This award honors an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development, promotion, and/or implementation of refinement methods in practice. 

Nomination Eligibility: 

Nominee should be an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development, promotion and/or implementation of refinement methods. The nominee may be a resident of any country. 

Nomination packet should include: 

1. Curriculum vitae with bibliography 

2. Brief sketch of nominee’s professional background 

3. Statement pertaining to his/her qualifications for the award 

4. Two professional letters from individuals or associations familiar with the nominee’s work 

The completed nomination packet must be received no later than January 31, 2020. Please send nomination packet via email to CAAT at


1. Publications and presentations in the field of laboratory animal science, welfare or ethics 

2. Teaching and training activities that foster the highest standards of working with animals in science and education 

3. Public outreach supporting the 3Rs 

4. Involvement in development of national, regional or public policy enhancing the 3Rs 

5. Strength of nomination letters 

6. Contributions to the implementation of the 3Rs in biomedical research 

7. Other attributes not covered above that should be considered, such as grants to enhance animal care and use programs or involvement in professional organizations (particularly leadership roles). 

Award Details: 

Plaque, travel stipend up to a maximum of $2000 to travel to the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Maastricht, The Netherlands, in August 2020, and $5000 to further the recipient's scientific endeavors. All monies are in USD. 

Apply for the Charles River Excellence in Refinement Award; Deadline: January 31, 2020

2017 Charles River Laboratories Excellence in Refinement Award

2014 Charles River Laboratories Excellence in Refinement Award

2011 Charles River Laboratories Excellence in Refinement Award

2009 Charles River Laboratories Excellence in Refinement Award

2007 Charles River Laboratories Excellence in Refinement Awards

2005 Charles River Laboratories Excellence in Refinement Awards

Next Generation Humane Science Award

The Next Generation Humane Science Award is available annually to young scientists to acknowledge and encouraging researchers who focus on replacing the use of animals in experiments. The 2020 award will be a prize of $5,000 to recognize the work of one young scientist; this may be shared among two or more young scientists. Full details here.

Reduction and Refinement Award

Formerly Science-Based Refinement Award

This award focuses on research projects that help reduce animal use by (for example) identifying areas of research and testing where animal models lack reproducibility and translational value or that enhance the housing, handling, and/or experimental procedures for laboratory animals who are still deemed necessary. Hence, the grant is intended for researchers who conduct systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or citation analyses of animal studies or similar work with the goal to reduce animal use in science. This award is also for those who work hands-on with animals, such as animal welfare scientists, veterinarians, and animal care technicians, whose projects can improve the animals’ living situation in the laboratory. 

The Award includes prize money of USD $6,000. There are no facilities and administrative costs allowed on this award.

Full details here.

CAAT Recognition Award

This award, presented at every World Congress, honors an individual or organization who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of the 3Rs, the development of alternative methods, or the field of in vitro science.

Henry Spira Award

This award was established in 1999 to honor the memory of Henry Spira, a pioneer in the animal rights' movement whose campaign for the use of alternative methods led to the founding of CAAT. It was created to honor animal activists in the animal welfare, protection, or rights' movements who work to achieve progress through dialogue and collaboration.

Submission of individuals should include the CV and a covering letter supporting your nomination of potential recipients.

Selection Criteria

Founders' Award

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