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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthCAAT

Progress on Replacement of Animals for Cosmetic Testing and Other Issues: A 75th Birthday Celebration for Alan Goldberg

November 20, 2014
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, E2030
Baltimore, MD

Alan Goldberg photo

Draft Agenda

Introduction to the symposium
Thomas Hartung

9:30 am
Life before CAAT – Perspectives on Neurotoxicology à la Goldberg
Bernard Robaire – cholinergics          
Ellen Silbergeld – lead

10:30 am      
Historical Perspective on the Beginnings of CAAT
DA Henderson
Comments by Dean Michael Klag

10:45 am
From Then Until Now: An Evolution and Revolution in the Field (Retrospectives)
Steve Gettings – Avon (cosmetic industry)
Sidney Green – FDA (retired) (regulatory agencies)
Jim McKim – Ion Tox (in vitro companies)

11:45 am      
Marilyn Principe Recognition

12:00 pm

1:00 pm
State-of-the Science of Replacement Methods     
Tony Gaspari – Skin sensitization/allergic Hypersensitivity
Rodger Curren – Skin and Eye Irritation
Manfred Liebsch – Photosensitivity
Stefan Pfuhler – Genotoxicity

2:30 pm
Regulatory and Policy Implications
Diego Rua (FDA)
Andrew Rowan (HSUS) 

3:00 pm        

3:30 pm
KeynoteCosmetic Testing for the 21st Century
Horst Wenck (Beiersdorf)

4:15 pm

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